“Thank you, Odette, for giving me ideas on how to incorporate more protein into my diet, the ideas are simple and importantly affordable. I'm no longer reaching for salty or sweet foods later at night when I'm chilling or when I'm stressed out studying. I wanted to stop feeling 'puffy' and lose the belly bloat when I signed up to the Hormone Reset. I achieved that and more, my skin looks fresh and is no longer dry, I have less cravings and I've now officially lost 5kg's and just bought new jeans in a smaller size!”

Kelly Hawes, 51March 2024
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Our Clients Absolutely Adore Us

Just want to thank you for the great work you are doing with Claire. She is loving your sessions and for the first time ever is looking forward to working out! Thank you for taking the time to make that connection with her so that she feels happy and ready to go outside her comfort zone. It has been amazing!!

ElissaMarch 2024

I have just completed Body Bliss’s last hormone reset. I can’t speak highly enough about the process and the outcomes for me! I have now embedded some key changes that I have learned into my day to day life. Thanks Odie for being the best life/wellness coach ever!

Dave Jones, 51March 2024

Best PT I’ve ever had! She is so good with me and knows how to work around my back and wrist issues.

Jason SmithDeveloper
Rachel-Tyler-review- for-her-sports-nutritionist-and-fitness-trainer-in-brisbane-area

Odette is an outstanding personal trainer. She is incredibly personable and training with her is not a chore, more like a fun activity with a friend, that I look forward to each week.

She has a wealth of health, fitness and wellbeing knowledge and is able to cater training sessions to any level of movement capabilities. I feel very confident training with Odie and finish each session with a real sense of accomplishment.

In my opinion, she’s the standard by which any trainer should be measured. I would have no hesitation in recommending Odie to anyone who is interested in starting their training/movement journey, or looking for a change in their current regime.

Rachel Tyler, 46
Robert McMasterPersonal Training Client

A great mix of experience and enthusiasm! Odie has the fitness and nutrition knowledge to get the best results out of anyone… she will also take care of the fun!

Holly MilnerGroup Training Client

If you’re looking for an extensive understanding about how to get the best from your body then you have found the keys right here! Body Bliss is passionate about your health and wellbeing. And its where you will get results!

Lydia MorelandJanuary 2024

Dearest Odie, thanks so much for being my soul mother on this journey xxxx

Celine PuglisiPersonal Training Client

I have known Odie for over 10years she is exceptionally talented in her chosen fields both as a Personal Trainer and Dietitian I couldn’t recommend anyone better for any Personal Training, Nutritional or Dietary needs.

Jodie O’BryanPersonal Training Client

Feeling fantastic! Odie always manages to help me climb out of my funk. Pumped and ready to face the day! Thanks for helping me get here Odie

Nardine SolimanPersonal Training Client

I’ve been training with Odie for two years now. She has a holistic approach when it comes to health, diet and exercise. Thank you for your constant support and encouragement, especially those times when I wanted to give up and you never did.

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Meet Odette Raiti

As a personal trainer and nutritionist, I encourage my clients to make the necessary changes to achieve and maintain their goals. My approach is to get you to break each goal into small achievable steps so as to create a solid base (of positive changes) from which to build upon.

“Odette is amazing! she’s personable, kind, hilarious and gives you no less than 100% of her professional knowledge, time and drive for health and fitness. highest regards”

Melanie GreenPersonal Training Client